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General Use
Employees should be aware of the risk of using their home and public computers to access web sites (including Terracon's network) that store confidential information of a personal or company-sensitive nature. Many Spyware programs now include data key loggers that allow unauthorized individuals to gain access to all information that you type on your keyboard. These individuals would then have the ability to access web sites using your usernames and passwords. In addition, they would have access to any other sensitive information that you typed on your computer such as credit cards, social security, bank account numbers, etc. To minimize the risk of these threats, employees should implement the certain security standards on their home computers.

Security Standards:
  • Operating system, updated with the latest patches and Service pack.
  • Anti-virus program installed and updated with the latest definitions
  • A software firewall active and configured
  • Employees whose home computers do not meet the minimum security standards should follow these two steps:
  • Enable their windows firewall
  • Install Microsoft Security Essentials Anti-Virus, which can be accessed here: MS Security Essentials

  • You should also assume that a public computer does not meet these minimum standards. In these situations, you should only access Terracon's network from your office. If your home computer does not meet one or more of the minimum security standards, you can find information to configure your home computer accordingly at the following sites:
  • Microsoft
  • CERTCoordination Center - Home Network Security Toolbar
  • Symantec
  • Center for Internet Security
  • McAfee